As a small hobby kennel DreamCatcherAussies offers selective breeding. We strive to produce pups that have it all: temperament, breed type, health, well founded pedigree. It is important for our pups to be versatile and excel at conformation, obedience, performance, and - most importantly - best companion ever.

  1. Temperament. The characteristic Aussie temperament is awesome. Playful, loving, loyal, versatile, interesting, all describe the Australian Shepherd. This describes our aussies and we want you to experience the fabulous Aussie temperament too.
  2. Conformation. Conformation to the breed standard is not just a goal to raise new champions. Conformation includes: structure, movement, coloration and beauty. I is the adherence to the breed standard helps to produce a healthy companion that can do the herding tasks for which Aussies were/are bred.
  3. Health. While Aussies have relatively few health problems when compared to other breeds, we breed responsibly toward the reduction of health issues in the breed.
  4. Pedigree. In breeding a quality litter, the breeder should leave as little to chance as possible. Among the ancestors of our dogs are the most outstanding sires and dams in Aussie history. Many have made history with their winning ways in a multitude of venues. We have a responsibility to those who have entrusted this pedigree to us, to maintain a breeding program worthy of the challenge. All of our dogs and litters are registered with AKC and ASCA.

The primary objective is to breed very loving pets. We also want you to have the choice to take that pet into the ring for any of the various competitions or jobs in which our versatile breed has been so successful. Every breeding is directed toward both goals.

We have listed above what you can expect from us as a breeder. What do we expect from our buyers:

  • We expect you to treat your new Aussie as a companion. Our pups must be kept indoors (it is essential to their health and sense of well-being). Aussies live for their human family.
  • We expect you to furnish a large, fenced yard where your pup can run and play and get the exercise they need.
  • Simply put, we expect you give your new pup a good and loving home.

Companion vs. Show Pups

As stated above, all of our litters are planned toward producing "show litters". There is a fine line between winning and losing in the show ring. And the competition is very strong. For this reason, most pups will not be chosen as pups with "show potential", but will be offered as companion pups. Companion pups have all the AKC and ASCA rights and competitive opportunities excepting that companion pups cannot be shown in AKC conformation events. The same selective breeding and parentage applies for the companion pups and show pups. Companion pups are sold on a spay/neuter contract, only and shall be eligible for limited registration. To view a sample "companion contract", please click here.

When it is determined that a pup has such outstanding features that it will be offered as a pup with "show potential", our expectation is that the pup will be shown in AKC and/or ASCA competition until it has qualified as a conformation champion. Show puppies are sold on contract and are eligible for full registration. To view a sample of our "show contract", please click here.

Companion Contract    Show Contract