Our Kennel

DreamCatcher Aussies is a hobby kennel located in Virginia Beach, Virginia only minutes from the Atlantic Ocean.

We have a simple philosophy regarding our dogs:

  • We treat our dogs as family. Our dogs are housedogs. We never want to grow the kennel beyond the ability to house our dogs inside. Companions first - performers second.
  • We wish to promote our beloved breed:
    • By being breed ambassadors inside and outside the ring.
    • By breeding only to better the line.
    • By treating those who choose DreamCatcher pups by the "Golden Rule".
  • We wish to pass along to others the help and encouragement that we are so fortunate to have received.

DreamCatcher is a member of the United States Australian Shepherd Association, Australian Shepherd Club of America, and the Golden Retriever Club of America.

If you are new to the world of purebred dogs, I encourage you to write or call me and read the article "Why Pay More for a pet Puppy" found on my puppy page. I will be happy to help you avoid my mistakes and the mistakes of others.